Cameron Powers

Wizard of Ancient Worldly Wisdom

Beth Leone, creator of The Priestess Path, wants to know where Cameron learned these secrets which make her and other women feel so comfortable!

What do men need to know about women?

What do women need to know about men?

Relationships: from a millisecond to a lifetime!

Managing Sexual Energies…

Sacred Flirtation…

Deep Listening…

Egyptian Connection

We’ve come a long way…


Where are the missing pieces?


What if we had access

to those magical pieces?



Cameron is a Musician and a Linguist

who learned from the ancient wisdom traditions

of the Incas, the Greeks and the Egyptians

From Very Close Up!



Here is an Invitation

for You to ask Cameron

to Journey with You

into the depths

of your own Mind and Soul

and Discover the Parts

which Transcend your Culture

and Belong

to an Ancient

Universal Way of Being!


Inca Connection

Beth Leone met Cameron on the dance floor and immediately sensed something…

Dealing with Fear..

Dealing with the Shadow…

Is Telepathy Real?

Paths of Surrender…

Trusting the Love…

Greek Connection

It’s a funny thing, this being human. Sometimes we’re brilliant and see the world with great perspective; other times, when our mood is low we lose perspective and become self-absorbed in our own suffering. During one of these latter periods  Cameron Powers used his great wisdom, love, and understanding to help me gain perspective and find my equilibrium again. Cameron is one of the wisest people I’ve ever known. I recommend Cameron’s sage counseling to anyone experiencing a difficult period in life. – Guy Benintendi

What can I say this man has helped me more than any other person in my life. He is a fountain of practical wisdom, the kind that you walk away saying, why didn’t I see that?
We get so caught up in our stuff it is hard to see our way out. Cameron will help you, believe me. – Kristina Sophia